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March/April 2004


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Nehemia Gordon from Jerusalem, Israel compiled the following Aviv Barley Report for the year 2004 and beginning of the Biblical New Year.


“During a two-day search on March 21-22, 2004 fields of Aviv Barley were found in the Jordan Valley and Northern Negev in Israel.  In the Jordan Valley, fields of Aviv Barley were found all along the central valley from Fatzael Junction northward.  In the Northern Negev, fields of Aviv Barley were found at a number of locations, including a large plot at Peduyim, just outside Ofakim, small patches near Ofakim Junction and several patches near Gilat Junction.  Some scattered stalks of Aviv Barely were also found in Jezreel Valley and the Coastal Region north of Tel Aviv.  The plots of Aviv Barely included both domesticated 2-row barley and wild 2-row barley. 


The New Moon to be sighted on Monday March 22, 2004 will be the beginning of the Biblical Year, making the Feast of Unleavened Bread from sunset on Monday April 5, until sunset on Monday April 12, 2004.


On March 21, 2004 the Aviv Search was carried out by Nehemia Gordon, Devorah Gordon, Ruthanne Koch, Brian Convery, Avi Marcus, Dina Marcus, Yosi Yoseph, and Eliayahy Marzouk.  On March 22, 2004 the Aviv Search was carried out by Nehemia Gordon, Devorah Gordon, Ruthanne Koch, Brian Covery, Melekh Ben Ya’aqov, Rivka Michaeli, Dina Marcus, Wendy Sutherland, and Bruce Brill.


I want to thank all those who made the Aviv Search possible through their generous donations.  This allowed us to pay the necessary transportation costs to do a proper Aviv Search.  May YHWH bless you!  I want to give special thanks to Ruthanne Koch, a Certified Crop Expert, who flew in from the USA to participate in the Aviv search.”




Nehemia Gordon from Jerusalem Israel compiled the following New Moon Report for the month of March 2004 and the beginning of the first month on the Hebrew calendar, the month of Aviv or Abib.


“On Monday March 22, 2004 the New Moon was sighted by observers from Jerusalem.  The moon was sighted by Devorah Gordon at 17:57, Nehemia Gordon at 17:58, Avi Marcus and Dina Macus at 18:01, and Ruthanne Kock, Melekh Ben-Ya’aqov, and Rivka Michaeli at 18:06.  The New Moon was also sighted from Tekoa by Wendy Sutherland, Chen Brill, and Ester Levy-Noiman at 17:48 and by Bruce Brill and Ilan Levy Noiman at 17:50.


Happy New Moon and Happy New Year!”


The next New Moon which will begin the second month on the Astronomically Correct Hebrew Calendar is expected to be seen from Jerusalem near sunset on April 20, except there be poor atmospheric conditions.


I regret that this newsletter is so late in being published.  Many will not get this until after Passover (especially those in Europe and other parts of the planet who are on the snail mail list). I have been super-busy over the past eight weeks preparing PowerPoint presentations for the 3-part video series, research on new material, plus making overhead transparencies for two presentations in Portland, doing the taping of the video series in Topeka, and other presentations.  I went many days without sleep and when it came time to do the newsletter, it became very difficult to push my brain and body one more time.  I had to take a two-day break to rest and now I am back at it trying to pull an all-nighter and then some to get this typed and mailed.  I am not complaining about being busy, but it sometimes comes with a price, like not getting this newsletter out when I wanted to get it out.


The new 3-part video series should be in my hands by the third week of April.  The sound track on the video did not come out well, but fortunately there was a backup track.  But it is taking a bunch of time to dub it onto the 7 or 8 hours of video.  I was told that it would be available for me to order by April 7.  If all works out as planned, I should have them in my hands and available to ship by April 18.  For ordering information, see the enclosed Biblical Astronomy Products List enclosed with this newsletter.  Disregard the April 1 date that I have on the list for the tape series being ready to ship by.  As written above, they will be in my hands around April 18.  I will be ordering 50 sets to begin with and if they run out real fast, it may take an extra week before I get another shipment in. For online subscribers, go to    enter the site and select Products in the yellow bar for Products List.




Every eight years to the day (in this present epoch) the planet Nogah (Venus – the bright and morning star) begins to enter a retrograde path that takes it well above the ecliptic (the path that the sun, moon, and planets move through the twelve signs) and into the star cluster the Pleiades (Job 9:9 and 38:31 – Heb. Kemah), which are also called the seven stars (Amos 5:8 – Heb. Kemah).  From ancient times the Pleiades have also been known as the seven sisters.  These are also the seven stars representing the seven angels of the seven assemblies of Revelation 1:16, 19.


The following is from E.W. Bullinger’s Commentary on Revelation, 2nd edition, (written in 1909) concerning the seven assemblies and the seven lampstands under the seven angels or Sheliach Tzibbur;  "Angel of the Assembly.”    


“The chief officer was the Archisynagogos, or "Ruler of the Synagogue;" and after him came the Sheliach Tzibbur; or "Angel of the Assembly," who was the mouthpiece of the congregation. His duty it was to offer up public prayer to God for the whole congregation. Hence his title; because, as the messenger of the assembly, he spoke to God for them (See Jennings' Jewish Antiquities; and Article Synagogue in Kitto's Biblical Cyclopaedia, vol iii. 903).


As to the "seven lamp-stands," ought not this expression at once to send our thoughts back to the one golden lamp-stand of the Tabernacle (Exod. 25:31-39). ONE lamp-stand with seven lamps, indicative of Israel's unity in the Land and in the City? Here, the scattered condition of the nation is just as distinctly indicated by the fact that the seven lamps are no longer united in one lamp-stand. The nation is no longer in the Land, for Jerusalem is not now the center; but the people are "scattered" in separate communities in various cities in Gentile lands (1909). So that just as the one lamp-stand represents Israel in its unity, the seven lamp-stands represent Israel in its dispersion; and tells us that Jehovah is about to make Jerusalem again the center of His dealings with the earth.


We must further note that John was not told to send seven separate letters to seven separate assemblies, as is generally assumed and believed. Indeed the contrary is the fact. The great Voice said, "What thou seest, write in A BOOK and send IT unto the seven assemblies."   


For more insight on the seven angels of the seven assemblies (churches) and the seven assemblies see the June 2003 issue of Biblical Astronomy under the article Venus/Mercury Conjunction.


It was on April 3, 1996 that Nogah (Venus) was last in the Pleiades.  That happened to be the night of Passover and less than two hours after Nogah set below the western horizon, the moon started to go into a total eclipse (about midnight).  When the moon reached the peak of the eclipse (about 2:30 am) it was blood red.  This was as seen from Jerusalem.  At that time the well-noted Comet Hyakutake was still easily seen with the naked eye after it blazed a trail of deliverance through the heavens (approximate time it was seen with the naked eye up to that point was about 4 weeks).  The comet passed through the constellations Centaurus, Bootes, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Cassiopeia, and Perseus.  Using the main the theme of the Biblical meaning for each of the constellations in the order that Comet Hyakutake passed through them it portrayed the following message. 


The despised sin offering, the One who paid the price that covers, He cometh for His sheepfolds, to deliver the captive bride and to deliver the redeemed.


When the moon started to go into a total blood red eclipse about midnight that Passover evening it was portraying and bringing back into remembrance the time that Israel was delivered from their bondage to Egypt at the time of the first Passover.  It was about midnight (Exodus 12:29) when Yahweh smote all of the firstborn of Egypt.  Those who had the blood of the sacrificial lambs put on their door posts were protected from the wrath of Yahweh and He passed over their homes without smiting their firstborn.  Just as those who are in Messiah (the Lamb of God) through His blood as the final and ultimate Passover sacrifice are protected from the wrath of God upon the world when that time comes. 


The blood-red moon (representing the blood of the lamb) on the Passover of 1996 brought this to remembrance and was a sign of deliverance to Israel just as the comet was a sign of deliverance for Israel.  It was the smiting of the firstborn of Egypt that was the final plague that persuaded Pharaoh to let Israel go forth to be with their God.  These two events from early March to and on April 3 and 4, 1996 were huge signs of the deliverance of Israel, especially a spiritual deliverance from captivity at that time. 


The moon at that time was in Bethulah (Virgo) which represents the woman of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12.  This woman with the 12 stars above her head represents the faithful of the 12 Tribes of Israel.  The moon was in conjunction with her womb and passed from the upper part to the lower part of the womb during the span of the eclipse.  This was showing a type of birthing.  The moon was also in the same exact longitudinal coordinate that the sun was in the day and hour that Messiah was born on September 11, 3 BC.  During the eclipse on Passover 1996, the sun was in the constellation Pisces, which represents the nation of Israel in bondage or captivity (either going into captivity or coming out of captivity). 


The planet Nogah (Venus – the bright and morning star) represents Messiah (Rev. 22:16) or the Bride, depending on the context of surrounding celestial events.   In Revelation 2:28 He who holds the seven stars in his right hand says to the seven churches (Thyatira here) to him who overcomes He will give him the morning star.  How unique a portrayal when Nogah is in the midst of the Pleiades (the seven stars).


As before mentioned, Nogah is seen in the Pleiades every eight years to the day.  It passes the star cluster once every year, but well below them, except on the eighth year in this cycle.  It is also during the eighth year of this particular cycle and at this time in mid March and throughout April that Nogah is at its brightest.  As it was in 1996, is now in 2004, and will be again in 2012, 2020, 2028, 2036, 2044 and so on.


The number 8 is an interesting number concerning Messiah.  The following is from the Appendix 10 in The Companion Bible by E.W. Bullinger concerning the number 8.


“EIGHT.  Denotes Resurrection, regeneration; a new beginning or commencement.  The eighth is a new first.  Hence the octave in music, colour, days of the week, &c.  It is the number which has to do with the LORD, who rose on the eighth, or new “first-day.”  This is therefore, the Dominical number.  By Gematria, IHSOUS (Jesus) makes the numbers 888.  It, or its multiple is impressed on all that has to do with the LORD’s Names, the LORD’s People, the LORD’s works.”


Chart 344 below, shows the planet Nogah (Venus) in the star cluster the (Pleiades) in the constellation and sign Shur (Taurus) as seen from Jerusalem in the early evening of April 3, 2004 which is eight years to the day from April 3, 1996.  Nogah has made one complete cycle of eight years (my how time does fly) and is about to start a new eight year cycle.


                                    Chart 344 – Venus in Pleiades on April 3, 2004


 The below illustration from the Starry Night Pro astronomy program shows how Nogah would appear (except in reality it would appear much brighter compared to the stars as shown here) as seen through a large telescope.


[File Too Large to Display]]     


The star Alcyone in this cluster as well as the cluster name in the Syriac means Succoth (Booths, Tabernacles.   It remains to be seen what treats lie in store for those who are faithful in Messiah at this time and during the week of Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread.  It is interesting that on the evening of April 3, the two brightest objects in the evening sky other than the moon will be in the constellations representing the Two Houses of Israel.  Nogah, the brighter of the two, will be in Shur (Taurus), which is the tribal sign for the tribe of Joseph, but also represents the House of Ephraim (Israel). Tzedek (Jupiter), which represents YAHUWEH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS (Jeremiah 26:6 - actually read through verse 8 which fits well here) is in Arieh (Leo) the lion of the Tribe and House of Judah.  Is something wonderful about to happen with the Two Houses?




On April 19, 2004 there will be a partial solar eclipse in the sign Aries that will be visible from southern Africa and parts of Antarctica.  This eclipse will not be visible or seen from the northern hemisphere.  Chart 345 below, shows the position of the sun and moon during this eclipse just within the boundaries of Aries and above the foreleg of the lamb that is breaking the band of captivity of the fish that represents the ten northern tribes that were sent into captivity into Assyria to the north around 722 BC.


                                    Chart 345 – Solar Eclipse in Aries April 19, 2004

Chart 346 below, shows the path of Comet LINEAR (C/2002 T7) from April 1 to May 17, 2004.  The path (the thin black line) goes from the fish which represents the House of Judah when it was taken into captivity to Babylon in 586 BCE, through Cetus (the beast from the sea) to the middle of the River of Fire, Eridanus, where the comet will be at its closest approach to earth and at its brightest.  On April 19, at the time of the solar eclipse, the comet should be about a magnitude 2.5 or as bright as the bright stars in the Big Dipper.  Also at that time, the comet will be in the middle of the fish of Pisces that its path goes through.



Chart 346 – Path of Comet LINEAR (C/2002 T7) from April 1 to May 17, 2004





I have been searching for at least the last eight years for the celestial signs pertaining to the birth of Moses and the Exodus 80 years later.  I was misled by supposed quotes from the 19th century and misunderstanding or misinterpretation of those quotes by those who wrote them from the works of Abarbanel, a 15th century Jewish scholar who wrote down the word of mouth accounts of the Jewish Sages and Rabbis which were passed down through the centuries and millennia.  I have also searched in vain for copies of the original writings of Abarbanel concerning what he wrote on celestial events handed down through the sages.  What mislead me to a certain degree were short descriptions of Abarbanel’s writings by Richard Hinkley Allen in his book Star Names and Their Meanings (1899) and E.W. Bullinger’s book The Witness of the Stars (1893).  The following is from Richard Hinkley Allen’s Star Names and Their Meanings, p. 341, concerning the constellation Pisces.


Within their boundaries took place the three distinct conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn in the year 747 of Rome, - the year to which for a long time was assigned Christ’s birth; these phenomena strikingly agreeing in some of their details with Saint Matthew’s account of the Star of Bethlehem.  The opinion that these appearances guided the Magi in their visit to Judaea was first advanced and advocated by the celebrated Kepler, and worked out in 1826 by Ideler, and in 1831 by Encke.  It is noticeable that the Rabbis held the tradition, recorded by Abarbanel in the 15th century, that a similar conjunction took place in Pisces three years previous to the birth of Moses and they anticipated another at their Messiah’s advent.


Thus the Fishes were considered the national constellation of the Jews, as well as a tribal symbol.  Jupiter and Saturn were again together here in February 1881, Venus being added to the group, - a well remembered and most beautiful sight.” (I checked, and this event did occur with Venus in February 1881, but Jupiter and Saturn did not actually go into conjunction – same celestial longitude - until they were in Aries).


Accordingly to the quote above, I searched for a triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation Pisces for the time of the birth of Moses, which supposedly occurred about three years later.  A triple conjunction of these planets did occur ending with the Massing of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn between 7 BC and 6 BC, about 3.5 years before the birth of Messiah.  There were conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces in the mid 20th to early 19th century BCE around the time of the birth of Isaac – way too early for the birth of Moses - with the last one for that era being a single conjunction of the two planets.  Then there was not another conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces until the 10th century BCE, around the time of David’s youth and Solomon’s birth, which was way too late for the birth of Moses.  There was an 840 year period between the last conjunction of these planets in Pisces in the 19th Century BC to their conjunction in Pisces in the 10th Century BC (I cannot find my notes for the exact dates at this time).


There is an important clue to this dilemma hidden in the following quote from E.W. Bullinger’s The Witness of the Stars, pp. 96-97, which is similar to the previous quote by Richard Hinkley Allen.


“Indeed, this Sign of Pisces has always been interpreted of Israel.  Both Jews and Gentiles have agreed on this. ABARBANEL, a Jewish commentator, writing on Daniel, affirms that the Sign PISCES always refers to the people of Israel.  He gives five reasons for this belief, and so also affirms that a conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn always betokens a crisis in Israel.  Because such a conjunction took place in his day (about 1480 A.D.) he looked for the coming of Messiah.”


Again, it appears that Abarbanel is speaking of a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation Pisces, since it is all in the same paragraph with Pisces as the main subject. However, upon searching for a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn around the year 1480, I found that the two planets did come into a single conjunction on November 20, 1484.  This conjunction took place in the sign and constellation Scorpius, not Pisces.  Jupiter and Saturn come into conjunction every 20 years, but in different constellations. They did not come into conjunction in Pisces at any time during the life of Abarbanel.  The only conclusion to draw here is that he was speaking of any conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, not just those in Pisces, as being the sign looked for, for the Advent of the Jewish Messiah as well as the sign that occurred according to the Jewish Sages about three years before the birth of Moses.


So, what were the celestial events preceding the birth of Moses, which also made the court of Pharaoh tremble?  If you have seen and/or remembered the movie The Ten Commandments or have the opportunity to watch it; in the beginning of the movie (most of which was taken not only from the Holy Scriptures but also from records of ancient historians which had writings in their possession which have long been lost) there is a scene in the court of Pharaoh.  In this scene his astrologer’s and “wise men” (more like court jesters – my opinion) speak first of an evil star that had appeared in the House of Egypt.   Their first interpretation was that Egypt would be invaded by the surrounding nations that were its enemies.  Then one said that the attack would not come from without, but from within, from the Hebrew slaves.  Then one spoke of a deliverer for the Hebrews who was spoken of by the Hebrews who was to free them from Egypt. It was rumored amongst the Hebrews that this deliverer was to soon arrive and was recently born, for they saw his star.  Then Pharaoh ordered that the newly born and young male children of the Hebrew slaves be killed.


There were some very interesting and big celestial events that occurred in the sign Taurus starting in 1536 BC.  It is the sign Taurus (the bull) that the Egyptians corrupted and fashioned their sacred cow or bull god Hathor (sun god worship) after.  This sign was also considered as one of the signs for the House of Egypt.  The other sign for the House of Egypt was Virgo who they corrupted and fashioned Isis after.  Below is a figure of the ancient Egyptian sun god Hathor taken out of Richard M. Rives’ book Too Long in the Sun.



It was around 3500 BCE when the sun was in the head and between the horns of Taurus during the Vernal Equinox.  That portrayed picture or figure somehow made it through the flood and here in the 16th century BC is used for the above figure by the Egyptians. 


[File Too Large to Display]


It was in 1536 BCE that Jupiter and Saturn came into conjunction with each other on three separate occasions, with the last conjunction occurring in late December 1536 BCE.  This series of triple conjunctions most likely occurred about three years before the birth of Moses, which most likely occurred in 1533 BCE. 


The sign Shur (Taurus) represents the deliverer of Israel.  Now this represents Messiah himself, but in 1533 BCE and at the time of the Exodus in 1453 BCE, this deliverer was in the person of Moses.  Chart 347 below, shows the paths of Jupiter and Saturn from June 10, 1536 BCE to February 12, 1535 BCE.  The larger black dot and the upper path is Jupiter and the smaller black dot with the path below is Saturn.  This and the signs to follow which were good signs concerning Israel, was seen as an evil sign against the house of Egypt by the court astrologers. 


Chart 347 – Paths of Jupiter and Saturn from June 10, 1536 BCE to February 12, 1535 BCE



There were some very interesting massings of planets in Taurus that followed the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn.  Chart 348 below, shows the triangular massing of Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in Taurus and a unique planetary alignment of all 5 planets with the first crescent New Moon on March 5, 1535 BCE.


Chart 348 - Massing of Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Planetary Alignment on March 5, 1535 BCE



Chart 349 below, shows the first equidistant massing of Jupiter, Mars (Michael) and Saturn (Satan) on March 15, 1535 BCE.  When these three planets, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, mass together it usually represents spiritual or physical warfare.  Such was the case at the birth of Abraham (the kings of Ur sent out to have Abraham killed, but a servant’s child was killed instead and Abraham escaped – Book of Asher, Chapter 8), here around the birth of Moses when Pharaoh sent out to destroy him, and near the birth of Messiah, when Herod sent an army out to destroy him.


Chart 349 – Massing of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Planetary Alignment on March 15, 1535 BCE


Chart 350 below, shows the second close equidistant massing of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in Taurus on March 28, 1535 BC.  These signs would have appeared to be the evil star coming against the house of Egypt, especially since Saturn was even considered an evil star to the Egyptians at that time as well as all the other ancient civilizations.  When they saw signs of planetary massings and alignments of such magnitude, they most likely trembled in their boots.


     Chart 350 – Massing of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in Taurus on March 28, 1535 BC



It was 80 years after Moses was born that the Exodus occurred (Exodus 7:7 plus 40 years in the wilderness to the age of 120 when he died per Deuteronomy 34:7).  If Moses was born in 1533 BC, then the Exodus occurred in 1453 BC, 400 years after the birth if Isaac in 1853 BC who was born to Abraham when Abraham was 100 years old, the birth of Abraham being in 1953 BCE (see the April 2003 issue of Biblical Astronomy for info concerning the birth of Abraham). 


According to what Yahuweh told Abraham in Genesis 15:13, his seed (began with the birth of Isaac in 1853 BC) would be a stranger in a land that was not theirs (includes their sojourning in Canaan and Egypt as most Biblical scholars agree)and would be a stranger in a land that was not theirs and be afflicted for 400 years.  400 years from 1853 BCE is 1453 BCE.  There are also 430 years from the time when Yahuweh appeared unto Abraham when he was in Mesopotamia, before he dwelt in Charran (Acts 7:2-4) to the Exodus. 


The following are from notes in E.W. Bullinger’s Companion Bible on Exodus 12:40 and 41.  (KJV)


40  sojourning.  Commenced with Gen 12:1.  Quite a different subject from the dwelling in Egypt.

Israel = Fig.  Synecdoce (of the Part), by which one man’s name, Israel, is put for his father and grandfather.

Who dwelt in Egypt. Fig. Epitrechon.   A form of parenthesis used to further define the People and connect the two parts of their history.

Four hundred and thirty years.  There are two reckonings of sojourning: one starting from the “promise” to Abraham, Gal. 3:14, 17 = 430 years; the other starting from the recognition of his “seed.”(Isaac).  See Acts 7:6 and Gen. 15:13 = 400 years.

41  the selfsame day:  i.e. the fifteenth day of  the seventh month.  The years of the solar cycle show that it was the day that Abraham left “Ur of the Chaldees.”  (My note: this was the 15th day of the seventh month on the ancient calendar? and the 15th day of the first month on the new calendar given to Moses?).


Chart 351 below, shows the path of Tzedek (Jupiter) from April 2, 1454 BC to April 10, 1453 BC (Julian date of the Exodus).  At least 98 percent of the time, Tzedek is in the constellation pertaining to the major theme of a Biblical event occurring at the time it occurs.  The major theme of the Exodus was the deliverance of Israel from bondage and captivity to Israel.  The main theme of the sign Pisces is the bondage and captivity of Israel (either going into bondage or coming out of bondage).  Here, Tzedek was in Pisces for nearly a year and much of that time during some of the plagues (here representing the release of bondage and captivity).  During the final days Tzedek moved into the sign Aries, here representing the Passover lamb, which foreshadowed the final Passover Lamb, Messiah.  It is the Lamb (Arieh) of Aries whose foreleg is breaking the bonds of captivity.  Tzedek was in the right place(s) at the right time(s) to portray these events as they happened.


Chart 351 – Path of Jupiter from April 2, 1454 BC to April 10, 1453 BC (Jupiter larger black dot in Aries)


Yahuweh bless you and keep you.